Ameec Shenzhen Technology Co.,Ltd

About Us

Ameec Shenzhen Technology Co.,Ltd. was born in 2010.  Since then, we ve been specialized in design, R&D, production and sales of battery and battery-  related products such as battery pack and jump starter.

Today, battery pack is very common in many areas, such as e-bike, solar street lamp and home energy storage. It s a green lifestyle that all countries encouraged.  The battery cell we use for the pack is lithium 18650 battery or polymer battery, because it s more safety and more environmental-friendly than battery
like lead-acid.

Thanks for the supports from our customers, Ameec product has been sold very well both at home and abroad.  We’ve  always been focusing on “customer first, safety first,quality first, credit first” and will
continue to do so.  With humble attitude, we look forward to build a friendly and prosperous business relationship with you!

Products and services

Type:    Pack         
Chemistry:   Li-ion    
Nominal Voltage (V):  7.4v  
Capacity (mAh): 8000    
Max Continuous Discharge Current: 24A
Max  Discharge Current: 48A 
Battery Charging Current:  2A
Weight: 8kg           
Avg. Temperature Ranges for   
Charging: <55℃
Discharging: 45℃
Storage: 25±5℃
PCB/Pack Protection(for single cell voltages): 
Over Charge Cutoff Voltage: 4.35 ± 0.025V